To preserve up to date along with your ultra-modern messages you will commonly need to hold your phone online and that may suggest you fast burn through your net allowance each month.

Now Facebook has launched a brand new tool that will help you use Facebook Messenger even as the use of much fewer records. It’s known as Messenger Lite and is a new, confined version of the app you’re probably used to using.

Facebook has rolled the app out to the United States, UK, Canada, and Ireland while it was already available in Australia, India and over 100 growing countries beforehand.

Sadly the app is only for Android in the intervening time (you could download it from the Google Play Store free of charge) and consistent with TechCrunch there are not any plans to make an iOS version within destiny.

You can nevertheless percentage pix and emoji inside Messenger Lite
Once you have the app on Android from the Google Play Store you will then need to open up the app and check-in with your regular account records, just like in case you have been setting up the regular Messenger app on your cellphone.

You’ll then be greeted together with your normal listing of active chats together with your most current messages, however, a few functions you will be used to using may be lacking.

You may not be capable of video chat through Messenger Lite at the same time as the chat heads characteristic that pops up over the pinnacle of other apps might not appear when using this model either.

The key capabilities of Messenger Lite are that you could ship normal textual content-based messages, emoji, and pics, but it truly is it. It manner there may be no voice calling or different multi-media to dissipate your data quickly, and I hope must suggest you save some internet every month.


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